Toni Kelly


Toni - in her Studio

I e-met (is that a word?) Toni through blogging.  We met in person at the Allegany Nature Pilgrimage in 2008 when we announced a bloggers meet-up.  That was a fun weekend with several shared activities.  We’ve kept in touch since then mostly via our blogs, then later via Facebook.  The internet is amazing for the connections it makes possible.

Toni has a tiny studio in an upstairs bedroom of her neat little house in Erie, PA.  She has made very efficient use of the space with storage nooks and shelves under, above, and surrounding her work surface – all stuffed with supplies, materials, and inspiration in the way of books.

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On the day I visited to take pictures for the Women Create flag book installation, the studio started out neat and tidy.  It didn’t take long for us to mess it up.  Eventually Toni had pulled out samples and experiments, and even demonstrated for me a couple  of the techniques that she’ll be teaching at her SWAN Day workshop.

I am loving visiting artists in their studios.  (a) Artists are so interesting.  And (b) I’m getting so many ideas!

Click here for Toni’s blog post about Women Create!


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