Tara Eastman – by Heather Mencer

Tara arranged to have the following photos taken for inclusion in the Photo Flag Book Installation:

Click a photo to see a larger version. Photos by Heather Mencer.

About her process and technique, Tara had this to say:

Interacting with ideas in a visual way is a practice that has been with me since childhood. I fill notebooks, sketchbooks and scrap pieces of paper with visual accounts of the story I desire to tell the world. Working with words and music have also been companions in my creative process, but visual art has a means of expressing concentrated concepts, feelings and ideas in particularly powerful way.

My artwork is formed and influenced by the world around me in the forms of nature, music, literature and relationships. I take these inspirations from reality and reframe them by painting with movement, vivid colors, and playfulness.

The mediums I use most in my paintings are: acrylics, watercolors, pencil, pen, and markers building upon a canvas or plywood board base. At times I include various papers, adhesives, beads and other found objects and compounds to build texture and interest to the surface of my pieces.

The practice of repurposing and using whatever supplies are on hand is an important foundation for my work. From what inspires, to the stuff that is technically used as well as for whom art is created; I feel art should come from a spirit of inclusiveness.

Using common supplies to visually tell a story, evoke emotion or contemplate an idea helps to motivate me to keep creating art. I intentionally use color, texture, and a mix of mediums that working to draw the eye and imagination of the viewer. Each piece of art I create overflows from my need to connect, interact and converse with the world and people around me. I use art to explore my internal and external realities and welcome the viewer to a space for contemplation and discovery of their own stories.

Tara blogs at http://lamont-uphill.blogspot.com/


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