Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller sent this photograph of herself painting swans for inclusion in the Photo Flag Book Installation.  She had this to say about her approach and technique:

My name is Jennifer Miller, and I currently reside in Western NY state, where I was born and raised. It’s a pretty rural area and I spend a lot of my time out in the woods. I draw a lot of inspiration from the land around me! I have what others have referred to as an ‘explosive’ passion for nature and wildlife, and indeed I go out of my way daily to study, observe, and learn about my passions. I am equally happy examining a wild bird through binoculars as I am examining bits of moss growing across a fallen tree.

In creating my paintings, I usually attempt to express my feelings for the subject; rarely (and usually only by assignment) do I paint subjects that I have not observed in person. Truly, I feel my most successful works are those that are inspired directly from life and things that I’ve been able to see myself. I combine these experiences with the emotions I felt as a viewer, and take them back to my studio. I also take reference photography to help renew the mind with details, and combine these with other resources such as study skins to create the most accurate paintings that I can.

In the exhibit you will see a painting by Jennifer of a Drake Bufflehead, a species of duck you may find on the ponds around Western New York. The exhibit will also feature a piece of her jewelry, about which she had this to say:

Not straying far from my love of nature, there comes a deep appreciation of the geological forces of nature and it is without surprise that I also love to collect and examine rocks and gems. This has led to a fascinating journey into jewelry creation, in an attempt to work these rocks into pieces of artwork. It’s important for me, therefore, to work with fine materials and craft them into rolling, organic shapes that are pleasing to see and touch.

In creating my jewelry, there is little planning beyond the basic desire to create a piece that is structurally sound and will withstand the vigor of wear as a pendant. A stone is selected for its unique personality and shape, and many, many feet of Argentium Sterling silver are cut and carefully wrapped around the stone in such a way as to hold it securely and yet be ornate at the same time. When starting a pendant, I never have a plan and I won’t know what a piece will look like until it’s done.


1 Response to Jennifer Miller

  1. Truly loved reading this, Jennifer speaks for so many of us about the details of being a wildlife artist.
    Thank you
    Kathleen V. Butts

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