Deborah Orloff

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I love going to galleries.  Even more – I love going to gallery openings.  They are festive and peopled with art-appreciators.  You get to meet and talk directly with the artist.  You get to hear what was going on in her head and in her life when she was creating the pieces hanging on the walls surrounding you.  Sometimes, you still don’t “get it” – but often, the conversation brings understanding and a deeper appreciation for the work.

Last night, my daughter and I attended the opening of Holzwege by Deborah Orloff at the Crary Gallery in Warren, PA.  It was a delight to meet Deborah and learn about her work.  She graciously granted me verbal permission to take pictures of her at her opening for inclusion in our Women Create project.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Making the images is a creative process.  Equally creative is the gallery opening.  At the opening, the artist creates rapport with the viewers.  She creates an appreciation of the medium, an understanding of the process, and insight into her creative life.  For this viewer, she also created inspiration, giving me food for thought as I continue to grapple with the idea of approaching art from a conceptual perspective that is deeply personal.

– Jennifer Schlick


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