Bethany Bjork

From a combination of table lamps, strings of miniature bulbs, and candles comes a golden-orange-yellow light which sets a visual mood that is complimented by the sensuous, deep voice of Leonard Cohen.  There is a sitting area to the left where we will enjoy a glass of wine and a bit of conversation later – but first the photos.

She has been an art student over the last few years, so her house if full of artwork of various media – hanging on or from the walls, tucked into corners, covering every surface… paintings, photography, mixed media… but mostly, Bethany is a sculptress, and mostly, though she claims to be exploring the broader topic of gender roles, her subject is the feminine.

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Themes repeat:  corsets of many styles made from various and contradictory materials, statues after the ancient styles – voluptuous and motherly, some with faces, some without.  There is a “craft table” where she creates new candle holders by modge-podging tissue paper onto round glass containers… just a “craft” to keep her hands busy when she doesn’t feel inspired to make “art.”

When she works on a new clay piece, her face becomes all concentration.  I enjoy watching her work – with bare hands, or with tools, to coax shapes from the lump of earth.


2 Responses to Bethany Bjork

  1. Shelly says:

    Bethany is an awesome artist…her work is fantastic!

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