March 21, 2012

Art Salon:  Please join us for this informal gathering which will include brief presentations by three artists, interspersed with questions, answers, and conversation.
Date:  Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Time:  7:00-9:00pm
Location:  3rd on 3rd Gallery, 116 East Third Street, Jamestown, NY
Admission:  donations gratefully accepted

BaptisedAnne Conroy-Baiter

My art reflects the life surrounding me…I’ve been told I have a talent for capturing a moment in time. I find that immensely flattering, as I simply paint what captures my attention, past or present. Whether it’s my girls jumping into a pool, the view of blooming apple trees outside my studio window, or a memory of the cold exciting walks to Bonnies basketball games as a kid, I seem to be slowly but surely creating a visual journal of my life.

Anne plans to start a discussion by sharing how her roles as mother, professional, freelancer, and artist directly affect both the subjects and techniques of her artwork.

Winter MoonKathleen Tenpas

My art is born of my connection to the land, our farm, our woods, my gardens. I celebrate both the land and the farm families who tend it. It is art born of increasing loss as small farms disappear from the landscape.

While Kathleen dabbles in a variety of media, much of her work ends up on fabric somehow. And she’s a poet. For this salon presentation, she picked the title Poetry in Fabric.

Angle Of ReposeBarbara Fox

I believe that no matter what the subject, a painting should incorporate beauty and technical fluency. More than something to look at for a few seconds, it should be compelling and foster further investigation. I want the viewer to think, “I have never seen that subject quite like that before”.

Barb is a prolific painter, workshop leader, and designer for the U.S. Mint. She looks forward to this informal talk about what motivates and inspires her.

Jill Johnston

My artwork explores the narrative format through animation, drawing, painting, filmmaking, and photography. Concepts previously explored relate to the relationships of ecological systems of self-sustainment, the often bizarre interactions found in nature and proposed in literature and theory (folklore and the origins of fairytales), Jungian theory on synchronicity, personal myth making, animal welfare, and biotechnology or a “biology of the strange”.

Jill explained that the image above is part of a 5-image series produced after reading Alice Hoffman’s The Red Garden through the haze of pneumonia. If you’re not more than a little intrigued by that, you aren’t paying attention!