February 22, 2012

Art Salon:  Please join us for this informal gathering which will include brief presentations by three artists, interspersed with questions, answers, and conversation.
Date:  Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Time:  7:00-9:00pm
Location:  3rd on 3rd Gallery, 116 East Third Street, Jamestown, NY
Admission:  donations gratefully accepted

Tara Eastman

Interacting with ideas in a visual way is a practice that has been with me since childhood. I fill notebooks, sketchbooks and scrap pieces of paper with visual accounts of the story I desire to tell the world. Working with words and music have also been companions in my creative process, but visual art has a means of expressing concentrated concepts, feelings and ideas in particularly powerful way.

When she offered to participate in the Salon Series, Tara offered the topic Growing Where You Are Planted and suggested we explore ideas around these questions: What inspires you? How do you work that into the practical work of how you create? What tools help you keep creating?

Catherine Panebianco:

In my personal work, I love using my iPhone – the best camera is the one you have at all times. It brings me back to the times when I shot in film and used Holga and Diana cameras and that low-fi Iook. I love mixing apps and creating in the final photography the mood and feeling that reflects what I want the photograph to say.

There was a time when the list of “media” was quite short.  Oil on canvas.  Stone Sculpture.  Today there are so many ways to make art.  You can even make art with your phone. iPhone-O-graphy. That’s what they’re calling art created with the iPhone. Really!

Debra Eck:

This new work will consist of 24 2×2 inch cubes made from net curtains (sheers). I chose net curtain because to me it is so emblematic of life in the suburbs, it conceals the reality and difference of the individuals living in each house behind a thin veil of respectability, lightly starched, clean net curtains. Each cube will contain a tiny 2×2 inch cube book created from the paper ephemera of my life, junk mail, shopping lists, bills, college applications, studio notes, lecture notes, packaging from products I use, you get the idea.

Installation artists transform space often with the intent of representing complex ideas.  Deb’s current project, Occupy(ied in) Suburbia, will be exhibited in Stockholm, Sweden.  Attend this salon to be one of the first to get inside her head about this intricate installation.