There are really two parts to this project.


An exhibit of women’s art will be presented in the 3rd on 3rd Gallery, accompanied by workshops and salons, culminating with a celebration on March 31, 2012 of SWAN Day.  We had committed to making this part happen regardless of whether we got the grant.



Prototype of the Photo Flag Book. Imagine twelve of these all hanging on a wall - filled with images of creative women.

Because we are the proud and humble recipients of the Ray and Wyn Evans Artists in Community grant for 2012, part two will happen as well:  the creation of a series of twelve photo flag books that celebrate the creative contributions of women.

The Crazies

Who is “we”?  We are Debra Eck and Jennifer Schlick and we have known each other for quite some time.  We live on the same block and have kids who went through school together.  We were co-leaders of various Girl Scout troops.  We have hiked together, cooked together, sewed together, made art together.  We joined forces to dream up and execute this crazy project.


Debra Eck

Debra Eck: I am an internationally exhibited installation, mixed media and book artist. I graduated Summa cum laude, as the Dean’s medalist for Visual Arts with a BFA in Painting from the University at Buffalo and received my MA (with Commendation) in Visual Culture from the University of Northumbria in Newcastle, England. I teach foundation studios and Visual Survey classes as an adjunct at Jamestown Community College.  I also work with various community partners to offer classes in book making, creativity and temporal installation to students of all ages. I received the Presidents’ Award for Excellence in teaching from Jamestown Community College in 2010 and have been recognized for my continued commitment to my own intellectual and creative activity, receiving multiple APPLE (applauding learning in the teaching environment) Awards.  (http://dryadart.wordpress.com)

Jennifer Schlick

Jennifer Schlick

Jennifer Schlick: I started making photographs in 2004 with my first digital camera – a Kodak CX6445 Zoom. In 2006, I graduated to a digital SLR – the Canon Rebel XT, which I upgraded in 2011 to the T2i.   My favorite subject will probably always be the natural world.  I am particularly fond of making small things large.  My most well-developed collection is a series of spring wildflowers of the northeast deciduous forest, some of which are the size of my pinkie fingernail.  I enlarged them to 12X12 for a solo show at the Prendergast Library in spring of 2011.

I have also displayed work in group shows and my work has been used in a variety of publications, and on interpretive panels at a nature center on the east coast. (http://www.jenniferscottschlick.com)