Installation (almost) Complete!

Photo Flag Book Installation

The books are done!  Well, almost.  Turns out the adhesive we picked for attaching the photos to the books isn’t quite sticky enough.  Deb and I will have to go back and check and reinforce pictures before the closing reception.

Originally, we had envisioned leaving one wall of the gallery blank – to hang the books on, eventually.  We “accidentally” accepted “too much” artwork into the show and had to use that wall for other artists.  So we had to get creative on where to hang the books.  What to do, what to do?

And the answer is:  from the ceiling, of course!

Flag books are hard to describe, and they are also hard to photograph.  To appreciate them, you really should drop by the 3rd on 3rd gallery which is open 10am-4pm this week if you want to see.  But we hope you will also come to the closing reception on March 31 for the official unveiling with speechifying and everything.

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