Artists Announced


Puzzle – by Bethany Bjork

The following artists and artwork have been selected for inclusion in the Women Create exhibit which will open on February 11, 2012 in the 3rd on 3rd Gallery in Jamestown, NY.  For details on other events happening during the exhibit, click –> here.

Congratulations, ladies!  (By the way, the following text will be used to make labels for the exhibit.  If you see any errors, please contact us immediately!)

  • Kellyn Baron, Jamestown, NY, Freedom Isn’t Free, acrylic on wood
  • Bethany Bjork, Lakewood, NY, Puzzle, mixed media
  • Bethany Bjork, Lakewood, NY, Corn Goddess, terracotta, mixed media
  • Jenny Brown, Lakewood, NY, Guiness, acrylic and collage on stretched canvas
  • Jenny Brown, Lakewood, NY, Sam I Am, acrylic on stretched canvas
  • Megan Brown, Rochester, NY, Convergence, graphite & pastel
  • Stephanie Burdo, Jamestown, NY, The Gate, oil on canvas
  • Anne Conroy-Baiter, Allegany, NY, On the Fly, watercolor on stretched paper
  • Pam Drellow, Bemus Point, NY, Fleurs Petites, matched set, acrylic
  • Emma Duncanson, Jamestown, NY, Mimi, fabric
  • Tara Eastman, Jamestown, NY, Leo’s Pretty Tree, acrylic on canvas
  • Sandra Ecklund, Jamestown, NY, An Aye for Italy, collage
  • Karen Eckstrom, Rochester, NY, Fish in the Hall, acrylic paint
  • Karen Eckstrom, Rochester, NY, Snapping Clutch, copper, brass
  • Karen Eckstrom, Rochester, NY, World Book, copper, found objects
  • Karen Fitzpatrick, Ellicottville, NY, Breakout, stained glass
  • Barbara Fox, Little Valley, NY, Anchored, watercolor
  • Barbara Fox, Little Valley, NY, Sweetness and Light, watercolor
  • Kaitlin Frisicaro, Cheektowaga, NY, A Baby Boomer’s Bubble Bath (1971), mixed media on paper
  • Kyla Hill, Jamestown, NY, Amanda, charcoal
  • Kyla Hill, Jamestown, NY, The Last of the Buffalo Abstraction, oil
  • Jennifer Janowsky, Lakewood, NY, Untitled I, digital photograph
  • Christy Johnson, Panama, NY, Bypass, digital media
  • Jill Johnston, Fredonia, NY, Red Garden 5, mixed media print
  • Hiromi Katayama, Edinboro, PA, Day by Day, Japanese color on panel
  • Hiromi Katayama, Edinboro, PA, Mountain Cherry, Japanese color on panel
  • Toni Kelly, Erie, PA, A Winged Heart, acrylic ink and collage
  • Medis Kent, Findley Lake, NY, Past Perfect, painted fabric collage
  • Diane Knight, Glenwood, NY, Lone Red Flower, pastel
  • Kathleen Lell, Glenwood, NY, Arizona Red Rocks, oil & glaze
  • Marilyn Martin, Gerry, NY, No Parking 1 – JCC, digital photo
  • Marilyn Martin, Gerry, NY, No Parking 2 – JCC, digital photo
  • Janicemarie McDonald, Jamestown, NY, Rainy Day, fiber
  • Sue McNamara, Fredonia, NY, Simplicity of Rocks, mixed media
  • Patricia Micciche, Jamestown, NY, Japanese Angel 2, oil, pastel, pencil
  • Jennifer Miller, Olean, NY, Drake Bufflehead, acrylic on illustration board
  • Jennifer Miller, Olean, NY, Drifting Dreams Moonstone Pendant, moonstone, solid silver wire
  • Victoria Norvaisa, Erie, PA, Never-ending, watercolor
  • Catherine Panebianco, Jamestown, NY, Golden Tree, photograph
  • Catherine Panebianco, Jamestown, NY, Walking Tall, photograph
  • Ann Parker, Machias, NY, After the Rain, digital photograph
  • Renee Pye, Bemus Point, NY, Dalai Lama, porcelain clay, mixed media
  • Renee Pye, Bemus Point, NY, Frog Prince, papier mache, mixed media
  • Renee Pye, Bemus Point, NY, Lady Giraffe, papier mache, mixed media
  • Maddie Schlick, Jamestown, NY, Behind the Glass, charcoal
  • Maddie Schlick, Jamestown, NY, Self Portrait, digital collage
  • Sandy Shelenberger, Conneaut, OH, Winter Solstice, textiles
  • Sara Skillman, Dewittville, NY, Merlin Hawk, watercolor
  • Jil St. Ledger-Roty, Franklinville, NY, Intersections Two, photograph
  • Jodi Staniunas Hopper, Erie, PA, Crush You Like Bug, mask
  • Jodi Staniunas Hopper, Erie, PA, Papillion, mask
  • Jodi Staniunas Hopper, Erie, PA, Who Burnt the Roles, photo
  • Kathleen Tenpas, Panama, NY, August’s Bitter Gold, quilted fabric painting with photo and patchwork
  • Amy Vena, Rochester, NY, Dialog II, mixed media
  • Judith Whittaker, Frewsburg, NY, I Say JUMP, acrylic on canvas
  • Judith Whittaker, Frewsburg, NY, Because She Can, acrylic on canvas
  • Bonnie Jo Wilcox, Falconer, NY, February Snow, oil


Creative Arts of Women - Western New York Chapter
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